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"Rescuing unwanted dogs and cats without spay/neutering is like bailing water from a boat without patching the hole in the bottom!"

 - Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet

P.P.I. currently spay and neuters over 3,000 companion animals per year on a budget of just over $150,000.   

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Here are photos from our two-day spay/neuter clinic in March 2019 in Leona Vicario, a village about 25 miles inland from Puerto Morelos, Mexico, which is between Cancún and Playa Del Carmen.  All staff, including veterinarians and support personnel, are volunteers, including vacationers who take time from their leisure activities to chip in.  As one vacationing volunteer said, “This is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life!  I had no experience and thought I would be carrying a clipboard or doing something administrative.  But instead, they had me assisting hands-on with the dogs and cats.”



Carlos Loriaborges (right), tireless Administrator of PPI’s clinic in Puerto Morelis (with a volunteer)

Carlos Loriaborges (right), tireless Administrator of

PPI’s clinic in Puerto Morelis (with a volunteer)



The spay/neuter clinic was set up at the Leona Vicario community center where residents waited outside with their dogs and cats to have them sterilized

The spay/neuter clinic was set up at the Leona Vicario

community center where residents waited outside

with their dogs and cats to have them sterilized



Coming Home

 Spay/neutering is a cultural shift in Mexico brought about by education, including through the children’s book, Coming Home (available in Spanish, English and other languages):   Having a doggie or a kitty takes a lot of responsibilities like cleaning, feeding, vaccinating and spaying or neutering them.   Coming Home was written by Celia Martín.  Mrs. Martín’s husband is Dr. Antonio Rios, one of the veterinarians Dr. Jeff trained who provides spay/neuter services for PPI.

Coming Home

Planned Pethood International truly needs your support to achieve its simple mission: “The reduction of companion animal overpopulation throughout the world.” At first glance a seemingly daunting task, but with a truly simple solution: Put 100% effort into spay/neuter campaigns, train veterinarians to … To read more click here.

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Tax ID#: 84-1522523

Another way you can help is by adding Planned Pethood International to your amazon smile account.  A small percentage of your purchases are donated to P.P.I.

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Due to unforeseen covid 19 related issues we will be closed until Monday April 5th, we thank you for your support in this time of hardship for all of us. 

Welcome to Planned Pethood International

“Making a world of difference in companion animal welfare.”

PPI truly needs your support to achieve its simple mission: “The reduction of companion animal overpopulation throughout the world.” At first glance a seemingly daunting task, but with a truly simple solution: Put effort into spay/neuter campaigns, train veterinarians to continue the work, and develop culturally relevant educational materials to help influence future societal concepts.  No one group is committed to these goals more than PPI, and with your tax deductible donation you can be a part of companion animal history.  The use of limited resources to warehouse a large number of animals is not a solution to companion animal overpopulation.  Only the reduction in population will elevate the status of these animals and ensure their safety and wellbeing.

PPI has provided training services to veterinarians from around the world. PPI, through Dr. Jeff Young, has made presentations and conducted sterilization campaigns in Slovakia, India, Panama, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and on numerous Native American Reservations in the US. Currently, PPI is active in hospitals located in Bratislava, Slovakia and Merida (Mexico). 100% of all contributions and fundraising money have gone directly to reducing companion animal overpopulation, training veterinarians in safe and efficient spay/neuter techniques, or helping abused & abandoned animals.

PPI Goals

  • Build a state of the art hospital in Asia emphasizing spay/neuter while working closely with local veterinarians & animal welfare groups.
  • Continue to work placing emphasis on resolving the problem of companion animal overpopulation through education, legislation, and spay/neuter programs, NOT BY WAREHOUSING ANIMALS.
  • Continue to invest the money from our active adoption program and donation to provide training & equipment for veterinarians who want the opportunity to advance the condition of companion animals around the world.
  • To reduce companion animal overpopulation throughout the world while elevating the status of our companion animal friends.
  • Continue to support our established hospitals in Bratislava, Slovakia, Merida, and our newest international training center in Puerto Morales in the state of Yucatan Mexico.
  • At PPI we have never charged any veterinarians in the program for the training that they receive at our hospitals and we always provide them with room and board during their training.
  • PPI also believes that in the 21st Century it is no longer enough to just Spay and Neuter.  We feel strongly that it is necessary to provide low-cost full service veterinary care to everyone, especially those who don't have the means to have a furry family member.

Planned Pethood International

 4595 Harlan St.
 Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

A 501-c3/non profit Tax ID# 84-1522523


Read What Our Clients Say

    A wonderful, selfless service provided by Dr. Jeff and his team!

    Lauren A.

    This clinic is providing an excellent service. Healthy pets help have healthy owners.

    Claire T.

    This is a truly humane organization dedicated to animal welfare. I've done animal rescue for over 30 years and can't think of another group that does so much to spay and neuter to reduce animal suffering and abuse.

    Cindy L.

    I love it that the animals are taken care of by Dr. Jeff

    Jan W.

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